《Penelope 蓝色小考拉/贝贝生活日记》是BBC少儿栏目制作的动画片,英音发音,非常清晰好听。内容简单,语速慢,适合2.5-3.5岁启蒙半年以上宝宝观看。每集动画都有明确的主题,孩子会学到很多简单的生活用语和基本礼仪,资源难得,喜欢这部片子的不要错过,唯一的缺点就是有中文字幕,中文强势的宝宝可能有点影响听音。

本资源是《Penelope 蓝色小考拉/贝贝生活日记》的英文版视频下载,共54集,每集播放时长约5分钟左右,资源总大小3.5G,mp4高清1280×720分辨率,英语发音、内嵌中英文字幕,百度云网盘下载,适合2-4岁的宝宝观看。



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Penelope 蓝色小考拉/贝贝生活日记 英语版全54集下载

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01.Penelope gets dressed all by herself

02.penelope at school

03.Penelope has a bath

04.Penelope makes sketches

05.Penelope plants a seed

06.Penelope rides a bike

07.Penelope feeds the Animals

08.Penelope goes shopping

09.Penelope in the snow

10.Penelope opens a shop

11.Penelope goes to the beach

12.Penelope play at teh seaside

13.Penelope is polite

14.Penelope playing with colours

15.Penelope sings

16.Penelope its delicious

17.Penelope tidies her room

18.Good night Penelope

19.Hide and seek

20.Grandp’s Birthdays

21.Penelope makes biscuits

22.Milo and Madeleine

23.Penelope takes a nap

24.Penelope carnival

25.Christmas present

26.School trip

27.Merry christmas Penelope

28.Penelope christmas party

29.Let’s close the door Penelope

30.Penelope learns different shapes

31.Let’s be quiet Penelope

32.Let’s hold hands Penelope

33.It’s time for bed Penelope

34.Penelope builds a birdhouse

35.Penelope’s birthday

36.Penelope goes skating

37.Penelope names some piglets

38.Penelope’s sweet dream book

39.Happy halloween

40.Penelope’s museum

41.Fun with the weather

42.Penelope’s family concert

43.Penelope goes fish with grandpa

44.The autumn harvest party

45.Penelope’s first errand

46.Penelope helps dad

47.Penelope catches a cold

48.Penelope goes to town

49.Penelope exchanges letters

50.When igrow up

51.Penelope and her friends in the summer time

52.Mom’s birthday

53.Where do they come from

54.Penelope at the pool